House Night: Visqueen in the Basement

Monday night house night! After work, Liz and I suited up to go work in the basement for a bit. Our goal was to get Visqueen up on a good many of the walls, focusing on the south side of the house – in the back and the front basement.

Here’s the front area.

A modest workstation. Makeshift, since I’ve taken over our workhorses with tons of surplus pipes for the time being.

The back basement area.

As Liz was working on applying Visqueen in the back, I took to cutting some boards to tuck into the space beneath the joists. This was kind of a makeshift thing, meant to just add a little material to the gap that exists right above the wall.

Adjusting the first piece in place.

One down, more to go…

It’s not pretty, but it’ll serve. And besides, it’s going behind drywall so no one will ever see it.

Liz, doing some cleanup work with the multitool.

Our workstation has grown.

Visqueen along the back basement!

Look at that awesome, low-level sheen!

Wood squares installed, along with Visqueen.

Not too shabby for a brief bit of work, on a school night.

A little surprise Liz brought home, to help us finish off the evening.

Last Plywood and Visqueen in the Back Basement

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