A Lonely Night at the Laundromat

I was doing laundry tonight, and for a period of about 20-30 minutes… I was the only person in the place. Which felt a little weird.

I think there was an employee in the back room. But as far as I could see, it was just me there. Alone.

It felt like one of those moments where I was oblivious to the outside world. Maybe there was a zombie invasion, or someone was giving away free money and chocolate down the street. Whatever else was going on, I was quietly doing my thing… alone… in the laundromat.

To add insult to injury, this ad for Talz (a medication to treat plaque psoriasis) came on the TV. As I was watching the commercial, I realized I recognized the background music.

I’m sure Novo Amor is getting royalties. But seeing a favorite song of mine hustling medication while I was alone felt like a low blow from the universe.

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