The Tiny Metra Door

On the days when I get off at the Van Buren stop, I pass by this small little door at the base of the ramp. I always wonder what might be behind it, and always thought about pausing to take a photo.

But I’m usually rushing to catch a bus. And I decide to just keep walking.

Today though, I got in a little earlier than normal. And so I thought – hey. I’ll just take a little extra time, and stop to take a photo. And so I waited for the commuters to disperse, and took this picture.

Because as a child of the 80’s, in my heart I’m convinced that Gene Wilder (Wonka) is waiting behind that door.

And wouldn’t you know it – by the time I got up to the street level, I emerged just in time to see the bus I needed to catch roll by. Figures.

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  1. I JUST noticed that tiny door myself on Friday. heh

    Liz Reply

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