Brunch Along the Chicago Marathon Route

Had brunch plans this morning at Dusek’s. Shortly before our departure, we realized that we’d be right along the Chicago Marathon route!

We debated getting a ride versus driving, but ultimately opted to drive ourselves – for the adventure, if nothing else. Surprisingly, we encountered little traffic, and found a decently close place to park.

There’s decorating your apartment for Halloween… and then there’s THIS.

Before going inside, we realized we were really close to seeing the front runners. A few minutes later, they ran by!

After a really long and lazy brunch, we stepped outside to see a huge stream of runners going by.

Seeing so many people digging in and running was quite impressive. At this stage, a larger crowd had gathered along the sidewalk (as well as a few soundsystems).

// Edit: Congratulations to Galen Rupp!

Gregory Alan Isakov @ Thalia Hall

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