A Big Work Day in the Basement

Though we didn’t get started on the house until around 1PM on Sunday, Liz and I had an incredibly productive afternoon. We’ve been putting in a lot of hours towards the house, but yesterday was really something – as far as all the tasks we got completed.

We were able to pack up Bob’s truck with a lot of unneeded items – and cleared out a lot of room. But we still had a few stacks of wood and PVC to relocate. Liz and I spent about two hours moving things out of the basement, and up to the second floor.

It’s been… a really long time since we’ve seen this part of the basement floor all clear and open.

Liz, using the shop vac to clean up.

All of our tools and supplies are now moved over to the other side (which we also recently cleaned up).

While we are still keeping some items in the basement for now, most of the ancillary/big things have been moved out. With that task mostly completed, I turned my attention outside.

We had 8-9 bags of old concrete we longer needed, along with a ton of debris under the back porch. Given the nice weather, it was a good day to fill up the cistern.

Several of the bags had soaked in a lot of moisture from the basement, and seemed to have hardened up. But on breaking them apart, the larger chunks came apart rather easily. It was a lot less work that I thought it was going to be, getting rid of these guys.

A lot of debris that has piled up, over the years. This area was our stopgap dumping ground.

All of the old concrete, gone.

A lot of the debris… also gone! There was a lot of awkward shoveling while sitting down, but for the most part this was as easy as task as one could ask for. Clear a huge pile of debris by pushing it into a hole that’s a foot away.

Cleared for now. I left a little more than I thought I should have, as we’ll want Bob to come and take a look. Eventually, we’ll have some AC units back here… and I’m not sure yet how low we need to get.

While I was outside working, Liz was inside cutting wood blocks to attach to the open spaces along our north wall.

The blocks are meant to sit right by the joists, covering an open area. At the end of the day, they’re primarily being added so we have something we can staple the Visqueen to – and also something we can screw the drywall to.

There were a lot of blocks for this stretch.

A huge, huge day for us. We got the basement more fully cleared out. We moved a lot of things off the floor, and have cleared a wide path for us to work along the North wall. We filled up the cistern and got rid of a lot of debris and old concrete. And we got plywood blocks in place, giving us a great head start on the Visqueen/drywall for the next stretch in the basement.

It was about a four-hour run, but wow did we get a TON finished in four hours. We both definitely earned our beers.

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