Clearing Out the Bedroom Debris (Bagster, Round 6)

Spent a large part of the day today, filling up another Bagster full of debris. Not sure why I decided to keep track of how many of these guys we’ve used, but… I guess this is officially #6.

For what it’s worth, I’ve looked into dumpster rentals for debris. And given the amount of work we do (a little at a time), Bagster bags seem to make more sense, financially.

The guest room, cleared of lathe and debris.

Another big pile of lathe gone.

The master bedroom, a little clearer.

I wish I had had the energy to actually clean up the rooms, as opposed simply clearing them of muck. But I was pretty burned out by mid-afternoon.

A lot of the work had already been done, as I had lots of bags just sitting and waiting on the front porch. So relocating those to the street wasn’t terrible.

There’s definitely still more work to do upstairs (and more debris we’ll be generating/removing). But for now, the bulk of the junk has been removed. With so much of our house work entailing moving things from room to room, it’s nice to have a phase where we’re simply moving things out of the house.

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