Yard and Basement Day

Today was a big house day, with us starting off the afternoon focusing on the backyard. With how busy it’s been the last few weeks, I’ve neglected mowing – so that’s what I did (despite the cold).

As part of our yardwork, we removed some broccoli that Liz had planted. It didn’t end up yielding anything, but boy did it get large.

This is me doing a cheerleader impression. Because apparently I like posing next to large veggies.

Measurements we recorded, after I crawled under the porch. One of the things Bob suggested to us is to get some 2″ styrofoam insulation, and to affix it to the wood on the outside of our basement walls. Since most of this area is under the porch, I had to go in and figure out some dimensions.

Our main task for the day: finish up the drywall in this area behind the ductwork. We figured it would be a quick thing, but it ended up taking way more time that we thought.

Getting this piece was a challenge. The joist on the left came in further than we thought, and it was super hard to see much of anything behind this duct. We ended up having to trim the piece way down, and also do some creative notching to get it to fit (snugly, I might add).

More creative notching.

As we were finishing up, we discovered an old gas pipe that was protruding just enough to make it impossible to put drywall over this area. We just needed the nipple removed – but there was no wrenching it out by hand.

Solution: sawzall.

The more work we do on the house, the more I’m in awe of the tools we’ve accumulated. In particular, how essential they feel now. The sawzall is amazing, and at this point – I can’t imagine life without one.

Liz, doing some final measurements.

All the last pieces in place! There were some spots where we couldn’t fit in drywall, because the duct was too close to the wall. But we got most everything we could get installed.

We have one small area (an exposed corner) to try to figure out. But after that, barring the area by the stairs – we’re pretty solid on the drywall front. Exciting!

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  1. Hi Felix,
    the broccoli is awesome. Maybe you should participate in one of these who can grow the largest veggie competitions? You seem to have a natural knack for it!
    Always looking forward to your posts on your house renovation. Exciting how far you have come on the basement!
    Have a nice weekend,

    M. Reply

    • Liz is the one who does most of the gardening. While the broccoli plant was big, it never really did yield any broccoli.

      Thanks for the kind words about the house work and the basement. I think sometimes it feels like we’re just working and working, but when I look back on all the photos from when we first started… we really have come a long way.

      avoision Reply

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