The Double Flop

While we were watching TV, Liz looked over and realized Phineas had completely flopped on his side. He appeared to be dreaming a little, as he was making small chewing motions with his mouth.

A closeup.

For those who are new to bunny rabbits, the whole “flopping” thing is a special delight. Rarely do rabbits get comfortable enough to just rest on their sides, and it’s typically seen as a sign of how relaxed and at ease they are.

Whenever we see this behavior, Liz and I are secretly proud to have given our bunnies an environment to get so relaxed.

Usually, Phineas will do this while sleeping under some object/cover. So to see this so out in the open is even better than usual.

A few moments later, another surprise: Daisy flopped!

And another closeup of the cuteness. I’m seeing double here, four flopped bunnies!

Phineas Goes to Sleepytown
Phineas, Flopped
Goofus and Gallant
Quincy Gets Super Sleepy, Fights the Nap, and Eventually Flops Over

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  1. so adorable! :-) And awesome to see that also Daisy is really at home now.

    M. Reply

    • Thanks for that comment. Liz and I do, from time to time, marvel at how far Daisy has come. She definitely has mellowed out since her time here with us, and we do feel she’s got a happier life now.

      avoision Reply

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