I am the Ebenezer Scrooge of Halloween

Every year lately, I’ve lost the spirit of Halloween. And then usually on the actual day, I regret not getting a costume and not trying to dude up the house a bit more.

Seeing all the kids show up for candy is really quite a delight. We get a ton of families in Hyde Park, and it’s fantastic to see these little boys and girls saying “Happy Halloween” and continue to wave goodbye as they’re walking down the street.

This year, Liz and I stood on our porch a lot – an indicator to passers by that we had candy. The house across the street had great audio going (as always), so most people flocked to the other side. But we got a good number of visitors this year.

Liz had a small number of handwarmers, which we added to the bowl. We still gave candy to the kids, but offered up the handwarmers to the adults that were walking with them.

The empty bags, after a busy night. Given the cold, things died down a lot earlier this year than last. But we still went through a good amount of candy.

Hate to say it, but the cold kept us at home as well this year – as we didn’t go out to explore Harper Avenue as we had, in years past.

One of these years, I’m going to get the spirit back again. And I’m either going to dress up, or we’re going to decorate the house up. In the weeks leading up to the 31st, I never feel like it – but the actual evening of Halloween, I feel the bug.

Halloween in Hyde Park, 2016
Halloween in Hyde Park, 2015

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