Winterizing and Demo Day

Today, Liz and I spent most of the day working on the house. We did a lot of prep work, winterizing some problematic windows… and did a good bit of demo to boot.

To seal up the first floor window, we ended up using a bit patch of Visqueen that we had leftover from our basement work.

We did a similar kind of thing in the upstairs office (which has always been a source of bad drafts in winter).

When we got done, Liz exclaimed “We’ve installed frosted glass windows!”

Next up: more demo! While I worked on removing the closet frames, Liz worked on clearing up the master bedroom.

I was a bit nervous removing this stuff, as I had a hard time determining what was and wasn’t load bearing. Bob had walked through this area with us previously, but I just felt nervous – like I was going to bring the roof down with my demo.

A sawzall and demo hammer – all you really need to get rid of stuff.

The closet, removed.

I took out some big studs. Next steps would be to take out all the nails in these guys, and store these pieces.

Liz, looking over her work. She cleared out a lot of lathe on the wall (to the right). Cleared up the closet some more. And began tackling the plaster that was covering up the brick chimney.


This is now one of my favorite photos of Liz.

Selfie, shortly before we called it quits.

The lighting on my phone always seems to lighten my face. It’s hard to tell here, but I’m pretty dusty/dirty, after doing all that closet demo.

Post work. Ladies, I know it’s hard but… please try and keep your distance.

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Big Bedroom Demo Day

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