A Short Long Day: Custom Drywall Fixes

After a big house day yesterday, Liz and I were still planning to do some work today… but to end early, so that we could enjoy a bit of our Sunday, relaxing. Which… sorta happened.

We got an early start, with the two of us out the door right around 9AM. With some coffee and breakfast from Starbucks, we kicked off the day with a few errand stops.

Fun randomness: I ran into my old coworker Maureen, along with her husband
Jingchao, at Home Depot. Homeowners, FTW.

This was the challenge I had – to figure out a way to build out this section, and close it off with drywall. I cut a few pieces, which I affixed to the joist on the left – bringing things flush with the wall (at the bottom).

Figuring out my measurements for the drywall.


I got pulled upstairs to help screw in some drywall that Liz was working on, in our bathroom. We’ve left this unattended for longer than I’d like to admit, and so today was the day that we planned on repairing/sealing up the second floor bathroom and office wals.


Back down in the basement, I installed these pieces – but left a bit of a gap. Also – I got the depth wrong, so we ended up needing another bit of drywall on top of what you see here.

Liz came down and helped with the final measurements. I’ve learned that she’s much, much better at figuring out these custom cuts.

I’m getting better, and am slowly improving with practice. But her sewing experience really makes her better at this stuff, over me.

Another set of drywall pieces, a little snugger.

The bathroom, sealed a little more.

As I said, Liz really is good with the custom cuts. She figured all these pieces out, and to several pieces notched to where they fit in well underneath the sink and behind the toilet.

It’s not pretty, but it’s closed off. This patch of wall in the office has been exposed for some time. Liz put in some insulation, and we got two custom pieces of drywall to kind of “seal off” the area.

It’s not our best work, but it’ll serve for now. There are still gaps and things to address, but it’s slightly better than having a big hole to the kitchen.

This poor old table – it’s been through so much, over the years. And now, it’s finishing out its life as our work table.

While we planned to end our day at 3PM, what ended up happening was us working through until 5:30 PM. Which is kind of par for the course, on big house days. We hit a kind of momentum, and we just want to keep going until we finish the task at hand.

We’ve had a really good, productive two days. But as I’m typing this out and revisiting the last 48 hours… I really wish we had a day or two to recuperate, before the work week starts up again.

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  1. Looks like a fun game of drywall tetris! :-)

    M. Reply

    • “Fun” is not the… first word that comes to mind. But it’s really nice that this is all done.

      avoision Reply

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