Two Voices and Two Memories, at Millennium Station

I got to Millennium Station a little later than normal, missing my usual train home. I arrived during one of those in-between periods, where no trains were available yet – and so folks were milling about, waiting to see the info show up on the display boards.

As I was standing there, I noticed that the automated voices (announcing the nearby platforms) were moving in and out of sync with one another. One voice was announcing Platform 4, another Platform 5.

This in and out of sync motion reminded me of Clapping Music, and I felt instantly tickled that an automated process had made this possible.

Also while standing there, I remembered Alicia Frantz and her way of listening to the world. Listening to the voices around me, I also noticed the sounds of the door to the waiting area – opening and closing. I heard the sound of people walking by, their arms brushing against their coats, the footsteps on the floor.

Usually, I am more prone to take photos. But tonight, in thinking of Alicia, I was listening to the world around me – and wanted to share that a bit. So I took about a minute of video, with my camera pointed at the floor, trying to capture the moment in a different way.

Audible Frequency
Meeting with Alicia
Lee Marvin and Angie Dickinson Perform Minimalist Hand-Clapping Song

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