Insulating the Guest Room

With a lot of demo work done over the last few weeks, today Liz and I worked on adding insulation to the guest room wall. Though it’s a little counter-intuitive to open up the walls with the cold outside, we’re sealing up cracks with Great Stuff and adding a layer of much-needed insulation.

// Edit: When the day started, I assumed we had a ton of clean-up work still to do. While the demo was mostly done, the walls were still lined with bits of old/awful old insulation that had fallen down from the attic.

Little did I know that on Friday, Liz had done a ton of work! She had taken the day off, after a busy week at the office… but instead of relaxing, she suited up and totally cleaned up the guest room walls. And made huge progress on the master bedroom, to boot.

One down, a few more to go.

Here’s a silly video I recorded, of Liz opening up a bag of insulation. It’s like some kind of terrible flower, whose only fruit is more work.

Wall insulated!

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