Date Night at Monteverde

Liz made a reservation for us to have a date night tonight at Monteverde. These last few months, all we’ve really focused on has been our house and our work.

I started a new position at The Nerdery, Liz has entered her busy time of the year at DePaul, and any down time we’ve had usually goes to working on the house.

Scheduling a time just for the two of us was a nice thing. And in many ways, I didn’t realize how much we were neglecting “us”, in our constant focus on the house.

My photos of our food didn’t really turn out, so I’ll send you over to their Instagram page. And if you really like what you see, it seems they have several recipes posted on their site!

Date Night at Giant, Logan Square
Date Night: Drinks at The Aviary
Gregory Alan Isakov @ Thalia Hall

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