Demo Prep Work

I was going to attempt some demo of the master bedroom ceiling today, but ended up spending most of my time clearing the floor below.

There was a lot of debris from the work Liz had done, over the last few weeks… and so I bagged a lot up, and hauled a lot to the bins, downstairs.

The room is much clearer now, with most everything relocated over to the recently cleared and fast-filling-up office room.

Though there was one casualty – a full length mirror that was resting on some duct work. In moving the carpet, I didn’t see it and the whole thing came crashing to the ground.

A bit of bad luck, I suppose.

Though I didn’t get around to actual demo, I did spend a good few hours just clearing and cleaning and prepping. It doesn’t quite ever feel the same as actual demo work, but it was still work. And all I really have to show for it is a room that’s cleaner, and with some better luck… will become dirty soon.

Winterizing and Demo Day
Clearing Out the Bedroom Debris (Bagster, Round 6)

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