Apple Pie Day in Valparaiso

Today, Liz and I headed to Valpo to meet up with Katie and Savannah, for the first Apple Pie Day in Valpo.

This event has happened a few times in the past (see the links below), but this would be the first time the pie making has happened in Julie and Bob’s new house (and on their new countertop to boot).

When we arrived, Bob was getting the stove connected.

Lots of supplies…

…and lots of rolling pins.

The size of the countertop was really amazing, and doubly so when I saw it full of apples.

Liz, suited up and ready to go.

Shortly after arriving, I went out on a supply run for more Crisco, a few freezer bags, and some ice cream. While looking for a dairy free version for Savannah, I came across this guy. Which I’m really only showing so that I can contrast it with the following photo.

I laughed when I saw this, because this was probably the very last item I should have picked up for Savannah. I guess their marketing strategy here is to target that audience segment that’s on the other end of the lactose intolerant spectrum.

On returning, the prep was continuing.

Just a little bit of sugar.

The dough-rolling area, complete with duct tape.

Apples prepped.

I always love watching this gadget in action.

Liz got a similar Johnny Apple Peeler (disclaimer: affiliate link) a long while back, circa 2006.

Funny thing: I actually shot some video of it in action when I saw it back then, too. Hard to believe that was over ten years ago.

Liz, Katie, and Julie.

Group shot of everyone at work (with Bob behind the stove, and Savannah helping Katie). Everyone at work, except me of course.

Katie and Savannah, prepping bowls for each pie.

Julie, rolling out dough.

Bob, just about done with the stove.

Three generations at work.

Savannah, being goofy for the camera.

She worked on the edge of the crust, as well putting a few holes in the pie for when it bakes.

Bob opened up a really nice bottle of Jack Daniels, and poured me a drink. This right here was the extent of the work that I did today.

Apple pie, under the hood.

Adding the top.

Top added, and about to be trimmed.

A few stages at once.

Closeup of the deliciousness.

Downstairs, in the fridge, we put a lot of the pies in the freezer.

And when that ran out, they went down to the fridge shelves.

Eventually, at the end of the evening, the pies were all brought back up and divided. Final pie count this year: 24! Which was a tie with the number created in 2015.

In an example of the blog’s utility, I was able to look up prior pie days… and reported the total number of pies done at each event. 24 seems to be the record so far, and Katie felt strongly that next year… they should all shoot for 25.

Apple Pies in Frankfort, 2015
Apple Pies in Frankfort, 2013
Making Apple Pies, Frankfort, IL (2007)

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