Shuffle Shuffle

After work today, we suited up to move a lot of things around. It’s been a busy last 1-2 weeks, and our house work has somewhat slowed. With the holidays coming up and with more vacation days available, Liz and I are looking to put in another big push in the coming weeks.

Liz gets all the credit for planning, as she’s revisited our Trello board, and mapped out a plan for the coming weeks in our shared calendars. It’s an ambitious list of things to do, but all within our abilities – and with the free, full days coming up… we should hopefully be able to get a lot of work done.

It’s hard now to say that, given how tired I feel as I write this. But Liz always reminds me that we feel much more invigorated after a full, productive day of house work. As tiring as it is, the work does instill a great sense of accomplishment, after a good work day.

With it being Tuesday evening, after work, the goal was a bit more modest for us: simply relocate all the items in the office, over to the guest room. This work would open up the office room some more, so we would then be able to do more demo in the front office.

With us opening up more of the walls, it gives us more chances to foam up any holes, and actually add some insulation to the walls. Every little bit should help.

The guest room, now full again.

All that stuff that used to be in the basement, and then got moved to the office, has now been moved to the guest room. Shuffle shuffle.

What will be nice is to get the basement officially done (a task that’s on the docket for the coming weeks). Once that “room” officially becomes available to us for storage again, we can relocate a lot of things back down there.

Another shuffle day, but one to look forward to.

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