Big Demo Day in the Office

It may be a holiday weekend, but Liz and I have been hard at work. On the docket today: doing more demo in the front office.

With things moved out of the way, we started to go at the exterior walls – getting ready to add some much-needed insulation.

Liz, removing the trim from the window on the south wall.

In the course of our demo, we discovered: another window!

This room really has all sorts of hidden surprises.

More demo along the south wall.

Clearing lath along the north wall. This was taken around 4PM, when the sunlight was just coming in and gave the room a warm glow.

Liz, tackling the west wall.

Lath and trim removed, waiting to be taken out.

The south wall, partially cleared. Everything above the fireplace is actually brick.

The west wall, partially cleared.

The hidden/covered window.

Detail view of the south wall, with previously hidden window.

We’ve got a lot of bags full of plaster on the porch, waiting to go. Tomorrow will hopefully see us filling at least one (possibly two) Bagster bags, and if I can keep my energy going… the removal of all the remaining plater/lath.

Most of the hard work (hauling the bags of plaster downstairs, to the porch) has been done. So I’m hopeful that the bulk of tomorrow can let me focus on clearing/cleaning what remains in the office. Which would set us up pretty well to start running with adding insulation everywhere.

Office Demo and a Cache of Lost Items from Behind the Fireplace Mantel
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