Solo Office Demo Run

With all the demo that Liz and I did recently, we had a lot to throw away. Surprisingly, after researching lots of various dumpster rentals… going with a Bagster still ends up being the most economical option.

Liz was out with Katie and her mom today, to do a little Black Friday/Saturday shopping. So I was on my own, doing a bit of work on the house.

For the first part of the day, I filled up a Bagster bag with a lot of debris. Lots of plaster and lath, and lots of old trim.

The Bagster process took about a solid two hours, getting everything moved from the porch (and upstairs) out to the driveway. After that, I switched gears and began working on clearing the joists in the office (along the north wall).

Unfortunately, part of that process involves using the shop vac to get rid of all the dirty insulation that’s leaked from the attic.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to contend with all the muck from the attic. Slowly but surely, we’re getting rid of it all.

The bits I didn’t catch with the shop vac, on the floor. A lot of the day involved demo, then pausing for cleanup, then demo again. Rinse and repeat.

The north wall, mostly clean and cleared.

A little later in the afternoon, with more of the plaster removed and cleared.

The west wall, cleared of plaster. Bad news – that window on the left there is just awful. Given how much daylight I can see around the perimeter, it may as well just be an open rectangle. We’re gonna have to either cover that up or foam it up with Great Stuff really soon, before it gets too much colder.

I worked from about 11AM until around 4:30PM, without much of a pause. Closing off a solid day of work with a shot and a beer.

Sat on the porch for a little bit, while there was some remaining light. Noticed a small trail of plaster, from when I was moving things out to the Bagster. A busy day moving a lot of things out of the house.

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