Back to Work

After work today, Liz and I suited up to spend some time in the office – doing more demo. We had a lot of lath to remove, and a lot of ancillary plaster to get rid of. Surprisingly, we filled a lot of additional trash bags.

The south wall, cleared.

I made the mistake of buying the “small” masks. I was trying to work without one, and after about 20 minutes… ended up having to throw one on.

I was ready to clear lath, but wasn’t quite ready to get as dirty as we did. Tonight was as bad (if not worse) than Saturday.

My lovely wife.

While things got really gross and dirty this evening, we made a lot of good progress. The main goal for this week is to clear out all the remaining lath and plaster, enabling us to seal off any openings/drafts… and get us in position to add insulation come Saturday.

Today was the first day of work, after a long holiday weekend. In more ways than one. Back to it.

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