Clearing the Closet

After work today, I suited up to tackle a bit of the remaining demo in the office. We made a lot of good progress this week, and are getting ever closer to adding insulation to the walls.

The demo involves busting up the plaster, ripping out the lath, and also getting all the old/gross insulation from the attic to drop down from between the walls. Once all that’s done and cleared, we have to go and shop vac the walls and clean them all off – removing nails as we go.

Then and only then can we add insulation. So the more work we can get done during the week this week, the better off we’ll be come this weekend. And hopefully be positioned to purchase/add insulation.

The bit of work remaining was inside the closet, right at the entrance to the office. Liz was in here on Monday, and really got the worst of it.

I picked up where she left off, and mostly dealt with the demo that arched upwards at an angle. Given the position of it all, there was no good way to really do the demo without being directly underneath everything.

And so I took a bath in debris and dirty insulation. No avoiding it. Just tons of crap coming down on my head. Totally gross.

The worst was this bit above the door, where the roof connects to the attic. Once all the old, dirty insulation rained down… I could actually see some of the newer insulation, peeking through.

The whole time I was working, I was reminded of the demo work I did with Justin, in the kitchen. There were definitely times where muck was just raining down on me.

If it’s any indication, this was my dust mask at the end of the night.

After the bath, a shower. Goodnight!

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