Be Careful

I grabbed a beer at work today, just before our “bottle cap” meeting (a recap of the week’s events, around 4:15PM each Friday). It’s still an amazing perk to me that we have not just beer on tap, but four different beers on tap – that rotate out each week.

To clarify: the beer is not always available, and people are not drinking during the day. It’s available during post-work events (like Nerd Interface and Nerd Therapy), as well as our weekly recap meetings.

The reason why I took this photo is the beer on the far right: High West, from Lagunitas. As I heard, this keg was pretty rare – and I was surprised to still see it around/available, after it got tapped during our Thanksgiving holiday party.

I love the little night to the side, that says “Be Careful.”

It’s a delicious beer, and one I’d love to get my hands on, if I ever see it again. Though at 13.7%, it’s definitely delicious and dangerous.

Father’s Day at Lagunitas Brewing Company
Chicago Nerds
Poker Night at the Nerdery

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