Cleaning the Office Walls

Spent a lot of the day just cleaning up the office area. I worked a ton, but it feels like there’s little to show for it. First, I hauled about 14 bags of demo/debris down to the porch. Then, I shop vacced the walls for a few hours, trying to clear away any remaining plaster, lath, and dirty insulation.

Looking over some of the older photos from earlier this week, I’m wondering “Did I even do anything today?”

Things are definitely cleaner, just harder to see in these photos I guess. That closet remained a pain in the butt, and I’m half-convinced it went out of its way to injure me. Banged my head twice (once on the top of the door, once in a nail jutting out from the top of the door) as I was working in there. Definitely my least favorite spot to clean.

My goal was to clean all the walls, and to also remove all the remaining nails. Sadly, around 4:30PM, I ran out of steam. Luckily for me, Liz was downstairs with a late lunch – so that helped. But I had hoped on really getting the whole office clean and clear for tomorrow.

On the plus side, the nails won’t get in the way of us installing insulation (they might snag a little, but for the most part most of the nails protrude outward on the studs, not inward between the studs).

The main goal for this weekend is to throw in great stuff foam anywhere we might have gaps to the outside. And boy, howdy, do we have a lot of gaps in this room. Luckily, we’re in good position to do just this tomorrow, during the day – when we have enough light outside to see exactly where the problem areas are.

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