Making Space, Closing Space

Today was a mix of work and play for me and Liz. We started the morning by heading downtown to Bongo Room, for an early breakfast. After that, we swung by the movie theater on Roosevelt for an early showing of Thor: Ragnarok.

We got done around 1PM, and then headed over to Home Depot for a supply run. We got a few bags of insulation, some more great stuff foam, and a lot of miscellaneous items.

Around 2PM, we got home and got to work.

I was outside, setting up a new Bagster bag and moving a lot of bags of plaster/debris out to the driveway.

While I was outside, Liz was inside doing a final pass of cleaning and sealing off various gaps in the office walls.

Here she is, showing off a custom modification she made by combining two of the Great Stuff Foam nozzles into one, using tape. I mocked this suggestion of hers yesterday, as I didn’t think it would be viable. But here we are a day later, with me proven very, very wrong.

Outside, with the Bagster bag (mostly) full. I think that, compared to prior bags, we didn’t quite utilize this one to its fullest extent. But we had a lot of debris to throw away, and waiting around would mean a lot of this stuff just hanging out on the porch (and in the office) for a few more weeks. It was better, I think, that we got rid of it.

Looking back over the last few weeks, I’m really super proud of the work we’ve done. We’ve put in a lot of time (both on the weekends, and during the week after work), and we’ve really been hitting the office hard.

We filled up a Bagster bag last week, and got another one ready today a week later. There are many other ways I would have preferred spending this weekend, but today was a good mixture of play and work. The progress we’ve made lately, has been significant.

We both have some vacation time coming up, towards the end of the month. And thanks to Liz’s planning, we have a good amount of work scheduled on the house. Here’s to a solid November, and to the start of what we hope will be a solid December.

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