Allen Stone: Where You’re At

I fired up some Allen Stone this morning, and happened across a new favorite: Where You’re At. It’s literally all I listened to today, with me literally firing up a YouTube looping site, so that I could play the song on repeat.

My process seems to be that, once I find something that catches my ear on Spotify… I’ll look it up on YouTube. And on finding a good, live performance… I’ll loop that over and over again.

Here’s what the song sounds like on the album. And there are a slew of different versions on YouTube, that are all also pretty great.

Today was a pretty exceptional day for me, at work. I found this song, and it just so happened that a lot of folks were out of the office. So I had a lot of music on, head down, coding time. I worked pretty solidly, stopping briefly for lunch, and just cranked. It felt pretty great.

Really digging this song (and wishing I was a tenor). Maybe I can figure out how to use a capo and shift the key down a few steps.

Allen Stone: Contact High
Allen Stone: Live on KEXP

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