Keeping the Cold at Bay

Today, Liz and I went into the office to try to keep the cold at bay. Our original plan was to put insulation in the walls, but given how cold the room was… we decided to tackle specific areas where we felt leaks/drafts coming in (despite our best efforts).

The space under the window was one particularly bad area. Standing in front of it, you could feel the wind coming in against your face.

The workstation.

A few sets of insulation, along the north wall. There was a decent amount of cold air coming up, from below the floor.

A few problematic areas, patched up with insulation and drywall. Another source of cold air in the room – the two small closets, along the west wall.

Since we had insulation we hadn’t yet put up, Liz had the bright idea to just store it all along the floor inside each closet. While it’s waiting, we might as well put it to some use!

The room is still pretty cold, but hopefully we’ve knocked down a few drafts today.

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