Tree Operations

I left for work a little earlier than normal, and happened to walk out the door to see a Streets and Sanitation worker stapling signs along a few trees by our house.

When I asked her if she knew which tree was being serviced, she pointed to the Mulberry tree! And as soon as I was able, I sent an email with the news to our neighbors Bernie and Carol Jean.

This particular tree has been a headache for us, since we moved here. And for Bernie and Carol Jean, it’s been a headache for decades. While some folks in the neighborhood love the berries that emerge each year, those of us who live nearby have to contend with the mess – the stained sidewalks, tracking in berries inside, cars getting covered in a thin layer of jam.

We joked with Bernie and Carol Jean that, when the day came that the city took down this tree… we’d bring out some lawn chairs and make cocktails, watching as it got taken down. For now, I guess we’ll just have to watch from inside, as tree removal sometimes is easier when things are colder.

I have no strong desire to reduce the number of trees in the world. But this one, specifically? I’m happy to see it go.

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