Mulberry Tree Removed

Here’s a photo of the mulberry tree, just outside our front door – in the parkway, by our neighbor’s house.

Another view of the tree.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work – I looked out the window, and saw a big ciy vehicle idling in the street. As we were leaving for work, I saw three city workers standing in the street, gazing up at the tree.

I wish I could have stayed to watch the whole process. But luckily for us, our neighbor Betsy captured some video of the removal.

By the time I got home, it was already dark. So I had to wait until the next morning, to get some better photos of the same spot – sans tree.

The stump that remains. Liz pointed out that the interior was hollow, and suggested it would have needed to come down in the near future anyhow.

While I take no great pleasure in removing trees (we need more of them on this planet), the stains from the berries each year were quite unpleasant. And that’s definitely something we won’t miss.

Our other neighbors, Bernie and Carol Jean, sent out letters to several folks on the block – promising a party (something they had done many months ago, when it was warmer). It would be partly to celebrate the tree’s removal, and partly to figure out what new tree we should plant in its stead. Preferably, something without berries, I would think.

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