Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 1 (2017)

I worked from home today, so that we could try to get a jump on traffic heading out of the city. Around 4:30 PM, Liz and I made the 4 hour drive to Detroit, getting in a little after 9PM local time. We made good time, but even going at a good clip… it’s a solid 4 hours. A pretty solid drive.

When we arrived, the kids were still up – and we all got to visit for a little bit. Kirt got us some wine, and we all caught up until around 10:30/11 or so.

After the kids went to bed, the adults stayed up a little longer to chat. But everyone was pretty worn out.

Liz, getting some quality time with Sandy.

A long day, but a soft and easy arrival once we got here. In hindsight, we really should have opted to leave for Detroit yesterday, with me working remotely from Detroit today. Not sure why I didn’t even think of this option.

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