Early Christmas in Detroit, Part 2 (2017)

I didn’t take a ton of photos today. But it was a slow, relaxing, lazy kind of day – so that may have contributed to it.

I woke up a little early, and set up my laptop in the kitchen. Did a little work for a bit, as gradually more and more people woke up and appeared in the kitchen. Hung out and had breakfast, all the while doing a little work and chatting with everyone who came and went.

Around 1PM, we all got ready to go out to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. This was a rather spontaneous thing, and it was an exciting event to the afternoon (I honestly hadn’t thought about when we’d see it).

To top things off, the theater we went to was full with super comfy, wide, reclining sites – the kind that were spaced out so that the person behind you couldn’t physically kick your seat (I seem to be a magnet for kids who like this behavior). It was a great movie-going experience, something I rarely say.

On arriving back home, I worked on setting up a new Apple AirPort Extreme for the home wifi. After that, we settled in for a great prime rib dinner with two kinds of pie for dessert. When the kids finally got off to bed, we stayed up chatting some more and took turns doing some last-minute gift-wrapping.

The Christmas tree, ready with gifts.

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