House Planning for 2018

Liz and I had a big meeting today, sitting down in the kitchen and talking about our plans for the house in 2018. It was… a long, long meeting.

We listed out the various things we wanted to accomplish for the year, and tried to keep to the bigger items. It’s super easy to slide into details and suddenly find yourself talking about an edge-case logistical concern – so we had to catch ourselves, to try to pull back to the big picture.

And by us, more often than not, I meant me.

We talked for a long, long time. To the point where I think, when we stopped, my throat was sore from talking so much.

The list grew from when I first took that photo (above). But I think we have a solid set of goals, and an aggressive timeline. We grouped our list, tackled the tough task of figuring out the best order… and a lot seems to hinge on the basement getting completed (with epoxy). The basement is kind of the gate to everything that follows.

Next steps – plotting things out in Trello and Google Calendar. Going to be an exciting year.

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