Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: How Does It Work?

Back in October, I got to participate in 20×2 Chicago – where 20 creatives are all called together, to answer the same question. The prompt for us was “How Does It Work?” and each person could answer that question however they wanted to, so long as they did so in two minutes or less.

I’m excited to share video from that event, where I had the good fortune to kick off the show. While I’ve done a lot of these short talks before – I decided to mix it up a little more this time. My answer to the question “How Does It Work” involved me singing. Well, a few “me’s” singing. It’s a little hard to explain. Maybe just watch this:

I sang a lot while in high school, having joined the show choir in my Senior year. I don’t normally sing all that much, usually when I’m home alone. So doing it again, in such a public setting, was a bit daunting.

The song, Sing Dem Hern, was something I learned in high school oh so many years ago. And it’s something that stuck in my head, ever since. I used it as a source of inspiration for one of my early Flash experiments, and it’s still a melody that seems to inspire to this day.

Whenever I’m part of a show like this, I like starting early. It means I can get my thing done, and I’m not sitting in the audience, nervous, until I get on stage. Getting done early lets me relax and enjoy the other presenters, and let me tell you – this was a killer show.

I’ve been a part of many, many 20×2 Chicago events… and I want to say that this particular event was one of my absolute favorites. Start to finish, I was blown away by everyone who presented, and in my mind stands as one of the strongest shows I’ve been a part of – all the way through.

I’m going to share a few videos here, but it’s really hard to just pick some – as I want to embed the entire playlist for you to see. What follows are just a few favorites, but you should really try to check out all of the fantastic presenters.

Aimee Barnas, teaching the crowd about Ewoks and Random Superfluous Recall.

Michael Tolva’s heartbreaking story.

Keisha Howard talking about being an inquisitive child, asking questions like: “If there are aliens on other planets, did Jesus die for their sins too?”

Juan Martinze, tackling the prompt in a very literal and hilarious way.

Jessi Chartier on her three aunts, and how an oven works.

Rayshauna Gray on religion, and visiting all types of churches in Boston.

I cannot say enough good things about this show. There are 20 speakers, and each of them are worth checking out. And if you’re in Chicago, you should really come out to the next show!

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