Christmas Weekend in Indy, 2017 – Part 3: Cinnamon Rolls, Midnight Service at St. John’s

Layla and Koa, hanging out.

Liz, making some cinnamon rolls (that I requested). More and more, each Christmas in Indy feels incomplete without these guys.

Just a little butter in the pan.

Prepping for the roll.

Ready for the oven.

Late in the day, my dad decided he wanted to go attend midnight service at St. John’s.

Attending this service is something all the relatives in town would do, accompanying my Grandma Phoebe. Since she passed, it wasn’t clear if we would be going again.

My dad decided he wanted to attend, and so the two of us decided to go by ourselves.

It was a nice service, though there were markedly fewer people this year than last.

A candle, prior to the close of service – before the singing of “Silent Night.”

Outside St. John’s, around 12:30 AM, walking to the car.

Back home, late. The kids were long asleep, and the dogs were well on their way to sleepytown.

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