Dinner and Chocolate in Geneva

Liz and I headed out to Geneva to meet Michelle and Mike for an early dinner. We left in what we thought was good time (a little before 3PM for a 4:30 reservation), but boy did the traffic get the best of us.

It was a Friday, with perhaps more traffic than usual. We had a lot of snow in the afternoon, and a lot of accidents on the route we were on. We crawled along I-55 for a good while, and want to say we ended up walking in the door about two hours after we left.

After a nice meal at Barrel + Rye, we braved the cold and walked down the street for dessert. The restaurant was a bit dark, and so I didn’t end up taking a lot of photos.

Going in to Graham’s for some chocolate.

After placing our orders, we settled in to some small tables and caught up for a while.

The shops all along 3rd Street looked really lovely, and I wish the weather was better – so that we could wander around a bit more. Definitely more to explore in the area, and looking forward to coming back.

Brunch Along the Chicago Marathon Route

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  1. Grahams is da bomb. Next time u r out there check out Bien Trucha. Best Mexican restaurant in Chicago area.

    Mike Reply

    • Thanks for the recommendation, Mike!

      avoision Reply

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