Powerwashing the Basement

Liz and I have had a busy few days with the house. While we’ve had the good fortune to hang out with friends the last few nights, the last few days have been a flurry of activity.

We’ve done several runs to paint stores, to try to track down the epoxy we need. And I also went back and forth to our local Ace a few times, trying to put together a MacGyver-like apparatus to enable us to use both hot + cold water for the power washer.

The apparatus ended up failing, so we had to go with just cold water (which honestly wasn’t too bad).

Liz, ready to go!

While we traded off here and there, Liz ended up manning the sprayer while I handled the cleanup afterwards with the shop vac.

Here she is, taking over the cleaning. The shopvac worked like a champ, but definitely was the more labor-intensive task. We’d sometimes swap out on that as well.

Lots of debris kicked up, from the sprayer. Basements seem like a never-ending source of dirt and rocks and debris. No matter how much we clean, there always seems like there’s more to clean up.

Clearing the Basement
Powerwashing the Basement (2015)

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