Basement Epoxy is Go!

It’s begun! With the basement fully cleared and washed/cleaned (not “>once but “>twice), we hit a pretty big milestone. Today (and tomorrow), we’ve got someone coming to apply epoxy onto our concrete basement floor.

The one big item we couldn’t really “move” anywhere was our utility sink. Best we could do was roll this guy outside the back door, and keep it outside until everything is dry.

I wish I could show you photos, but we’ve got some waiting still to do. The first coat was applied today, and the second will be added tomorrow. After that, we need to stay off it for a few days to let things properly dry/cure.

The official documentation says the epoxy needs 72 hours to dry, and another 4 days after that. So it sounds like we may not go back down to the basement until next weekend. Photos soon – as I’m looking forward to seeing our new, old basement again!

Final Cleaning and Washing of the Basement Floor
Fixing the Basement Perimeter and Cracks
Powerwashing the Basement
Clearing the Basement

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