Late Night Anthropomorphism

Not sure the exact thing this was that Liz bought for the bunnies, but I believe it was some kind of hay treat/snack thing.

Something about small pets triggers in me the desire to imagine their internal dialogue. On seeing this, I imagined that each animal here was taken by surprise at the presence of a photographer. L to R, this is what I imagine them saying:

“Is the photoshoot today?”

“I forgot, are we doing this today?”

“Who ARE you? Why are you in my room?”

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  1. lol, that sure looks like what they are saying. :-P
    I’m a bit confused they sell this without even bothering to change the labels? Wouldn’t it be nicer to sell a translated version? It’s a german label and it says:
    * Meadow hay
    * with flowers of wild roses and cornflowers
    * with tasty herbs
    * developed in cooperation with vets
    * without sugar
    * handmade with love
    * without grain
    Looks like a delicious treat for the bunnies! :-)

    M. Reply

    • Thanks for the translation!

      avoision Reply

    • I was sent this as part of a bunny care package – my swap buddy was from the UK if I remember correctly. Hence the untranslated label. :D

      Liz Reply

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