Nerdery Holiday Party

Attended the Nerdery Chicago holiday party tonight, at Headquarters in River North. It was a pretty dark space, so I didn’t get a ton of photos. But we had the whole lower level all to ourselves, which made it a nice oasis from what sounded like quite a busy night upstairs.

Awards ceremony for the first ever Chicago Nerdie Awards. A lot of silliness, and a lot of laughter from everyone all around. The awards themselves were really quite awesome – repurposed Nintendo cartridges. There was a bit of a “retro” theme for the evening.

While there were some games around, it wasn’t a super great selection. A few standards (I appreciated seeing Dig-Dug, as it made me think of Stranger Things, Season 2).

Super excited though, to see that a Robotron game was available. I was a bit rusty at first, but got a little better.

The event didn’t start until 9PM, and while I thought we might duck out early… Liz and I ended up staying until after midnight. Which was quite the feat for us, as we don’t tend to stay out late much.

Headquarters Beercade with Chris
Saturday at the Galloping Ghost Arcade
Chicago Pinball Expo, 2010

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