Basement: Before and After Epoxy

After letting the basement epoxy dry and cure for several days, Liz and I finally went back downstairs today to take a look.

A view of the open basement, after we cleared everything out.

The floor – all covered and sealed up.

In the back basement, from the second (and final) time we powerwashed and cleaned.

The housekeeping pad sure cleans up well.

Another view of the basement, shortly after it was cleared.

Same view, with epoxy.

There’s still more to do (priming and painting the drywall, getting all the joists painted). But this is a big milestone for us, and gets us even closer to getting things fully finished down here.

This basement has seen a lot of changes over the years. We’ve removed concrete, and added a lot more back in.

The epoxy has been the latest, and likely biggest one so far. With more changes to come.

Basement Epoxy is Go!
Final Cleaning and Washing of the Basement Floor
Fixing the Basement Perimeter and Cracks
Powerwashing the Basement
Clearing the Basement

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