The 2018 Nerdery Lumbersexual Calendar

Sometime back in 2014, there was a mention of The Nerdery in an article about lumbersexuals (a portmanteau of the words lumberjack and metrosexual).

Well, in the time that followed – I guess the company more or less embraced this moniker. And kind of went all-in on the lumbersexual trend.

In the Chicago office, in the copy/supply room, there’s a Lumbersexual calendar, featuring Chicago nerds posing and dressed for the part. And so this is kind of a thing at the company. An annual thing.

In December, there was a small photoshoot for anyone who wanted to pose for the 2018 calendar. While I was at the office yesterday, my copy of the calendar arrived.

The 2018 Nerdery Lumbersexual Calendar.

January’s lumbersexual.

If you’re curious to see all the photos, they’re posted here. If you look closely, you might see a lumberjack you recognize…

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