Prohibition Era Cocktails at Koval Distillery

As part of a birthday gift for Bob, Liz signed the four of us up for some cocktail classes, held at Koval Distillery. Last night, after meeting up after work for a quick dinner at Lady Gregory’s, we headed over for our class at Koval.

If you’ve seen their bottles/labels, you’ll know they care about design. Even the normal signs inside the distillery look slick.

The custom-built Kothe still.

Bob, Liz, and Julie, looking around.

Settling down to our table, in preparation for the class. We had a list of about 5 cocktails to make, but we didn’t drink much at all. Everyone took turns creating a single cocktail, and then split that single cocktail into smaller portions (via the shot glasses) so that everyone else could taste.

Koval barrels, quietly doing their thing.

Not the best action shot, but it’s what I got. Liz ended up buying some whiskey and a ginger liqueur – with the goal of replicating one of the cocktails at home.

An added bonus from the class was that afterwards, the instructor was allowing folks to sample nearly everything available for purchase at the distillery. Some of the items were part of the cocktails we created, but a lot of things (like the walnut liqueur and the white whiskey) weren’t really part of the class.

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