Afternoon Insulation Work

While Liz was out on a big day full of errands, I worked a bit in the office – adding more insulation to the north wall.

Insulation work is pretty monotonous, and I was surprised at how time just kind of passed by as I was working. The trickiest parts for me involved getting some of the angled areas (on the far left and far right) in place.

After Liz got back, we walked to the grocery store together to pick up some supplies (and a late lunch). I have to say, with the weather in the low 40’s… it felt like an absolute heat wave.

The last bit of December, and the start of January have been really cold – making work in the office fairly unpleasant. It’s gotten less so, the more insulation we put up, but it was nice to have a warm day to work, today.

In my head, I’m thinking “That’s it, winter’s over!” But I know I’m just lulled into a sense of ease, with the nice weather today. Trying not to think about the cold days that have yet to come.

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