Craftsman Cabinet Assembly, and the Start of the Basement Priming

On Friday, the Craftsman 41″ 8-Drawer Rolling Cabinet we ordered came in. It’s been sitting in our entryway for a few days, but we got around to moving it to the basement late Sunday evening.

No small feat, as the thing was somewhat heavy. We had to take out all the drawers, and moved the frame down first… with the other drawers handed down the ladder.

I should note that I used a lot of SYW points when purchasing this cabinet – all of which I received as part of a generous gift/award when I was a Sears employee, back in 2016.

My Craftsman shop vac is a work beast, and I can’t imagine life without it. This cabinet is a fine addition to the growing number of Craftsman products decorating our house.

Tonight, after work, Liz and I were both in the basement. She was cutting and adding primer to the drywall in the back basement area.

It’s kind of amazing, looking back at all the work we’ve done back here, to get to this point.

As Liz was painting, I was setting up the cabinet. Mostly, it just involved getting the casters screwed to the bottom of the cabinet. This ended up taking way longer than I anticipated, as I had a hard time getting my wrench in to tighten each nut.

Our assembled cabinet, complete with magnetic paper towel dispenser.

Liz, doing her best Vanna White impression.

The new cabinet, in place! It’s mostly empty for now, but the goal is to slowly move things back down here (and into the proper storage/drawer).

Gosh. This is starting to look like a proper basement!

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