Revisiting Ukranian Village with Justin

Justin’s in town this week, and we met up after work at Rainbo. We also met up with Chris C, someone I haven’t seen in a long, long while. The three of us sat in a booth, and got caught up a little bit.

One of several pieces of wire art, adorning the walls. Justin and Chris thought it looked like a multi-armed Jesus, and that reminded me of a random episode of The Young Ones, where Neil gets six pairs of hands.

More wire art. Learned from the bartender that the artist’s name is Rich Salamander.

Chris had to duck out after a bit, so Justin and I wandered over to Inner Town.

Like Rainbo, it was pretty quiet – which made sense I guess for a Thursday? It’s been ages since I’ve gone out to a local, neighborhood bar… so I’m not even sure what seems normal anymore.

Part of me felt sad that there were so few folks at either bar. But I would have hated to have gone into a super crowded place, so I guess that was for the best.

A quick photo of Justin, shortly after he took a quick photo of me. Two old men, taking photos of one another, at a bar.

A view into the back of Inner Town. I was surprised at how much it reminded me of the back room of Clubfoot.

Old friends, old neighborhood bars.

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