Patching the Basement Floor and Bricks

Today for our house day, Liz and I continued working in the basement. We had a few big tasks on the docket: patch up the cleanout with cement, repair some of the brick along the baement walls, and start to bring back a few items we moved out when we cleared the basement, in December.

A bit of tubing, to prevent the concrete from covering the cleanout.

Prepping the cleanout.

Liz, filling in the concrete. For most of the day, I was on concrete prep/mix duty, while Liz handled the application.

Not too shabby, even if it was kind of a rat pour.

Halfway through this process, we realized that this may be our first concrete “pour” that we’ve done without Bob. And boy, are we old hands at mixing and pouring concrete.

After the concrete, I shifted over to mixing up a different type of cement that we used to use on the brick/walls. I came really close to mixing the Quikrete (when what I meant to use was the Quickwall). Disaster averted, but boy was that a close call.

Liz was the workhorse of the day, as she patched up the full length of the south wall, as well as half of the east wall.

Nice and clean.

Looking southeast.

We started pretty early this morning, getting going around 9:30 – and ended up calling it quits around 3:30 PM. A long day, but we got done early enough to still have a bit of our Sunday to rest and relax.

Searching for the Cleanout
Finishing the Back Basement Walls
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