Painting the Basement Joists

Today, Liz and I spent our house day in the basement… working on painting the joists. We’ve gotten the back area mostly done, and are starting to work our way into the main basement proper.

The small space between the back and main basement areas contain some really tricky areas to paint. Lots of small, difficult to reach spots.

But the plus side is that we’re kind of through that area. And a lot of what remains are larger swaths that won’t require small brushes and involve confined spaces.

We had a lot of copper pipes and conduit stored up between the cross-braces… and those have all been taken down. The plan is to spend a few nights each week, after work, and get the rest of the joists painted.

So far, I’ve been doing the cutting and Liz has been handling the main areas with a roller. We’re planning on two coats, given how much paint the joists soak up – so the work is steady, but slow going. The crazy thing to keep in mind is that we’ve already painted these joists… but the paint just gets soaked up by the wood.

After several hours, we decided to call it a day. While Liz went upstairs to clean the brushes and trays, I ended up going back outside to clear off the snow from our car. Though I got the sidewalk and driveway cleared after yesterday’s big snowfall, the car still needed to get freed.

Luckily, I was able to just back the car out from its spot… and clear it from the sidewalk. Right now, our parking “spot” is a very tight rectangle – with walls of snow on either side.

Painting the Back painting-basement-joists
Painting the Basement Joists

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