The Toilet Incident

Last week, we got a note on our door alerting us to some work that was being done to the main water main for the block. It advised us that we would have some interruption of our water service, and was slated for last Thursday/Friday.

Well, with the huge amounts of snow we’ve gotten lately, that work got interrupted. And so I mostly forgot about the letter, and the planned work on the water line.

Fast forward to today, after work. Where I’m in the bathroom, having a little… personal time. When I stand up and flush the toilet, the tank starts hissing and letting out what sounds like a series of loud puffs of air.

Given my cat-like reflexes, I jump away from the toilet as though it was on the verge of exploding. Which, to my credit, it really sounded like it was going to explode.

Eventually, I realize what happened – today was likely the day that work was done on the main water line. And as a result, after the water was re-connected, there were pockets of air in all the water lines.

I’ve experienced this before with the sinks and shower, as we used to drain the water in our house when things got too cold. But while I’d heard the hissing and clanging of air pockets working their way through the water pipes… I’d never experienced it happening with the toilet before today.

Let me tell you something – it’s a good thing that the Winter Olympics are happening, and not the Summer Olympics right now. Because I’m pretty sure I set some kind of high jump record, in my bathroom.

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  1. You set some screaming records, too. ;p

    the wife Reply

    • Are we on a team here? I thought we were on a team.

      avoision Reply

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