Saturday is Basement Painting Day

Liz and I had a work day today, in the basement. We started a little late, but still ended up getting a solid day’s work in, all told.

We went downstairs around 11:30 AM, and finally finished up around 3:30 PM. We took a late lunch aferwards, so this was a pretty solid chunk of time when we were just painting.

Rather than set a cutoff time, we were looking to complete a certain number of joist spaces. I was in one row ahead of Liz, applying the first coat and she would follow up to do the second.

On a work night, we could usually get about 2 joist spaces done; and for today (Saturday) we aimed for 4 spaces. Which was a pretty decent goal for us.

By the time we finished, we had hit our goal of four rows. Anything more, I think, would have been too taxing… as Liz and I were both moving slower and slower towards the end. So at least now, we have a solid sense of how much work we can reasonably get done in one “session,” whether that’s a week night or weekend day.

Painting the Basement Joists
Painting the Back painting-basement-joists
Painting the Basement Joists

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