Solo Painting Day

Usually, Liz and I work together on the weekends for at least one day on the house. But this Saturday, I insisted that Liz take a break, as she was feeling worn out from the week… and her index finger was feeling a bit sore from our last painting session a few nights ago.

Though we usually try to work together, sometimes that doesn’t pan out. One night a week or so ago, I had to skip work night to continue some work stuff from home. So Liz did a solo painting night on her own. Today was my turn.

All in all, I made some good progress. We usually get about 4 rows done (with two coats of paint). Going solo, I got about 6 rows done, but only with a single coat.

Some of the joists were newer pieces of wood, which really helped. And some of the lengths were shorter, given where the duct work turns. I ended up just playing a few albusm on repeat, and zoning out a bit during the whole process.

As is usual, the time spent working on the house seemed to pass faster than it should have, given that it’s work. I made a good bit of progress, and hopefully kept us on our planned painting schedule, with the goal of finishing up by next weekend.

A few nights next week, and another Saturday painting day… and I think we’ll be in good shape down here. Onward!

Saturday is Basement Painting Day
Painting the Basement Joists

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