A Day in Valparaiso (That Also Included Chickens)

Liz and I met up with Julie and Bob this morning, in Valparaiso. We had an early brunch planned for 9AM, and after that… we were back at their house for the day.

While Liz visited and made gardening plans with Julie, Bob and I worked on clearing a few things out of the small garage, and the main garage. I snapped this photo after just noticing the state of Bob’s workbench, and kind of admiring the various tools he uses when working with sheet metal.

All in all, most of the items we had were small things. It thankfully didn’t involve any of the super heavy items, but we mostly just loaded up the truck with smalls and drove it around to the basement. We got a few good runs in, and cleared up some space.

After a late lunch, Liz and I were headed back to the city. On our way to the car, we noticed what looked to be a handful of chickens poking around in the backyard.

Yup, chickens. These belong to one of the neighbors, who raises them and lets them just roam around to do their thing.

I was able to get in close, and shoot a bit of video:

My favorite part is 0:35, when I catch the look on Liz’s face. She really likes chickens.

Liz, who grew up with a lot of animals (including chickens), looking as happy as can be.

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